Five Generations of Industrial Leadership

NetPlus Alliance is a multi-generational family business that started as a machine shop along the Erie Canal in Lockport, New York in 1885. Building relationships is at the heart of everything that we do, and NetPlus is committed to working with distributors and suppliers of all sizes. Our goal is to increase market share and profitability for long-term success and above-industry growth for all members.

Meet The Team Our History

Our History

Rooted in decades of industrial experience, NetPlus Alliance
evolved from a full-line distribution business to the buying group
that we are today.

1825 - Erie Canal, Lockport – Painting by WH Bartlett

1825 - Erie Canal, Lockport
Painting by WH Bartlett

The Erie Canal opened on October 26, 1825 and was comprised of 363 miles of linking waterways from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes.

1885 - William Nolan Invoice

1885 - William Nolan Company

William Nolan establishes the William Nolan Company, Machinists and Steam Fitters, in Lockport, NY, 1885.

1919 - The Ward Brothers, Sam Sr., Ben and Will

1919 - Ward Brothers Mill Supply

William Nolan’s nephews, Sam Sr., Ben and Will Ward inherit the machine shop in 1919 and rename it Ward Brothers Mill Supply Company.

1931 – Ward Brothers Original Stock Certificate

1931 – Original Stock Certificate

The Ward Brothers boldly incorporate the business at the height of the great depression in 1931 and produce sales of just over $100,000 selling mill supplies, piping products and machining services.

1959 – Ward Brothers Management

1959 – Ward Brothers Management

Generation three, Sam Ward Jr., and his cousins Bill and Jim Judge move into leadership roles at Ward Brothers Mill Supply Company.

1969 – Dan Judge (Vietnam Feb. 1, 1966, in a Bell H13 Helicopter)

1969 – Dan Judge joins Ward Brothers

Dan Judge joins the family business after earning a degree in Industrial Distribution from Clarkson University and completing his service in Vietnam as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Photo taken in Vietnam, Feb. 1, 1966 in a Bell H13 Helicopter.

1984 – Ward, Beals & McCarthy

1984 – Ward, Beals & McCarthy

Ward Brothers expands its reach and acquires the inventory and equipment of Buffalo distribution company, Beals, McCarthy and Rogers in 1972 and executes a formal name change to Ward, Beals & McCarthy in 1984.

1989 – Dan Judge Fourth Generation President

1989 – Dan Judge, Fourth Generation President

Dan Judge is named the fourth-generation president of Ward Beals & McCarthy in 1989.

1993 – ID One

1993 – ID One

After the sale of Ward Beals & McCarthy, Dan Judge becomes the Executive Director of ID One, the first purchasing cooperative for industrial distributors.

NetPlus Founded 2002

2002 – NetPlus Founded

Based on decades of industry experience, Dan Judge forms NetPlus Alliance, a buying group for industrial and contractor supplies distributors.

2013 – Jennifer Murphy becomes fifth-generation President

2013 – Jennifer Murphy, Fifth Generation President

Jennifer Murphy becomes the fifth-generation President of NetPlus Alliance on September 1, 2013.

2016 - NetPlus Women in the Industry

2016 - NetPlus Women in the Industry

NetPlus launches Women in the Industry reception at the Annual Meeting in 2016, and attendance grows every year.

2017 – NetPlus Celebrates Anniversary, New Office

2017 – NetPlus Celebrates Anniversary, New Office

NetPlus celebrates 190 years of history in industrial distribution and moves into historic new offices at 57 Canal Street in Lockport.

2017 – ISA American Eagle Award

2017 – ISA American Eagle Award

Dan Judge receives John J. Buckley Lifetime Achievement Award on April 22, 2017 at the Industrial Supply Association Convention in Denver, Colorado.

2021-Jennifer Murphy takes ownership

2021 - Jennifer Murphy Takes Ownership of NetPlus Alliance

NetPlus Alliance Founder and Chairman Dan Judge transitioned the ownership to President Jennifer Murphy.

NetPlus Alliance 20th Anniversary 1650 x 1200 Social Graphic Final

2022 - NetPlus Celebrates 20th Anniversary

We have grown tremendously since 2002 but our core purpose has remained the same: to help businesses succeed.

Meet The Team

The NetPlus team is focused on the growth and success of its members and works closely with our supplier partners to build strong relationships.
Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy

President & CEO

Grow together. The heart of everything that we do, is to bring our distributors and suppliers together for success and growth.

Paul Byrnes

Paul Byrnes

Senior Vice President Member Development

Do the right things, right. It applies to both business and to life in general.

Kerry Atlas

Kerry Atlas

Vice President of Finance & Operations

Be accountable for results.  It is really the only path to success.

Dan Judge

Dan Judge


Be honest and genuine. That’s always been the way I’ve lived, and it’s a hallmark of our group.

Zach Brado

Zach Brado

Vice President of Development & Marketing

Embrace change. NetPlus embraces change as an organization and encourages our distributor and supplier members to do the same.

Todd Washburn

Todd Washburn

Vice President Business Development

Value relationships. Knowing the people behind the company makes a big difference.


Scott Hanson

Business Development Director

Be the best. It's not about being better than others, it's about being better than you were yesterday. A commitment to constant improvement.


Shirley Weiland

Shirley Weiland

Assistant Vice President of Member Services

Be honest and genuine. I value meeting our members and helping them succeed and grow by staying true to who we are.


Jennifer McMillan

Human Resource Manager & Executive Assistant

Grow together. I love working for a team that invests in each other’s development to ensure our collective success.


Cynthia Gabriele

Director of Engagement & Events

Be the best. I always put forth my best effort to be successful and to do the best that I can.


Sebastian Habermehl

Marketing & Development Manager

Value relationships. When you celebrate and cherish your relationships with people, it makes delivering on the other values that much easier.


Jillian Minderler

Senior Graphic Designer

Grow together. I love working with a team that values collaboration. It maximizes our strengths and enriches our work.


Caitlin Flynn

Events & Marketing Coordinator

Keep it rolling. I always try to keep a positive mindset, embrace the journey and celebrate the wins!

Kate Borth

Kate Borth

Director of Finance

Keep it rolling. I’m a forward-thinking person and like to have a plan that allows me to perform at the best of my ability.


Tori Dalio

Accounting Representative

Keep It rolling. I love the reminder that our mistakes do not hold us back, they challenge us to learn, improve, and keep rolling.

Karl Tschaepe

Karl Tschaepe

IT/Finance Administrator

Be accountable for results. If you take responsibility for results, then people know who to go to for their needs.

NetPlus Alliance Values


Value Relationships

We love connecting with people and building relationships across a wide range of industries.

Be Accountable for Results

We push each other to achieve the best results possible in every area of our business.

Grow Together

We believe that when we work together, we grow together.

Embrace Change

We do not fear change! We welcome it and expect it to make us stronger.

Be Nimble

We move quickly to implement new strategies and adapt to changing economies.

Keep it Rolling

We know that success is ahead of us, not behind.

Be Honest & Genuine

Our word is our bond. We always strive to be authentic and trustworthy.

Provide Guidance

We deliver support and resources to help our members achieve long-term success.

Be the Best

We aim for excellence in all that we do.

Do the Right Things, Right!

We make decisions with our members’ best interests at heart.

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