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NetPlus Perks is a loyalty program that rewards the most active and engaged NetPlus distributor members. This enhanced program offers distributors more ways to earn points, elevate their status and gain access to exclusive new benefits at each level.
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   Accumulate Points



Earn Your Perks Status



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Members can check their points summary and current status in the Member Portal.
Points are earned based on the following activities: 
  Increased purchases with NetPlus suppliers
  Attendance at the NetPlus Annual Meeting 
  Completion of Growth Plus Sales Plans   
  Participation in NetPlus Surveys     
  Completion of BlueVolt Courses       
  Participation at NetPlus trainings   

Participation Status 

Members accumulate points throughout the year to earn their Perks Status. Participation levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. 
NetPlus Perks Status
Cheryll Hoffman-Coniglio & Christian Coniglio

We initially joined NetPlus Alliance because their robust rebate program guaranteed us an immediate ROI. However, we quickly realized the benefits of membership went far beyond the rebate: from ongoing product training and education to maximizing our relationships and buying power with suppliers. What truly stands out to us is the dedication of the NetPlus Alliance team to help the members of the group succeed.

Cheryll Hoffman-Coniglio & Christian Coniglio

C&C Supply Company

Freeman Robbins

J Supply has been a member since 2014. Our most profitable lines have come through building relationships with NetPlus Alliance suppliers and expanding on those relationships year after year at the Annual Meeting. I was hesitant on the initial investment, but once we started receiving our annual rebate, which has grown substantially each year, our NetPlus membership has been one of our most profitable investments.

Freeman Robbins

J Supply Company Inc.

Jay Amstutz

Thinking back to when we joined NetPlus Alliance, there was a real debate internally if it was going to be worth it. Almost immediately we saw a payoff. We experienced a very welcoming response, and connected with several new vendors. At the Annual Meeting we were able to connect with several of our existing vendors and build a plan for rapidly growing our partnership over the next few months. Within the first year alone, we saw an increase in our business and profitability that would not have been possible without NetPlus. To top it off, we received a rebate check.

Jay Amstutz

President, Ohio Power Tool

Heather Berry

NetPlus Alliance is an invaluable resource for our company. They help to provide the platforms needed to build relationships, find products and grow with suppliers. As an engaged member, you can't help but succeed with this group. They are an amazing support system for their members, both large and small. They provide all the tools necessary to help us grow and better our business.

Heather Berry

President, Gogel Fastener & Industrial Supply Co.

Brian Crossley

I have found NetPlus to be a great partner. There are many benefits to joining NetPlus Alliance such as access to lines that I may not have qualified for, better pricing, rebates, training, peer discussions, and more. I believe NetPlus cares about their members more than some of the other bigger groups. Vendors are recognizing it as well, as new ones are joining all the time. I would recommend them to anyone considering a buying group.

Brian Crossley

Owner, BC Industrial Supply, Inc.

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