NetPlus Newsletter March 2017

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NetPlus Alliance Promotes Zach Brado to Director of Business Development

NetPlus Alliance is proud to announce that we have promoted Zach Brado to the position of Business Development Director, effective immediately. In his new position, Brado, who previously served as Marketing Manager, will work with Todd Washburn, Vice President of Supplier Development, to lead sales initiatives with NetPlus suppliers and manage supplier relationships. He’ll act as a…

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Brian Gardner Asks: What’s Your Leading Indicator?

Just as economists track leading indicators to forecast the economy, distributors can track what Brian Gardner calls the load input number. During a breakout session at the 2016 Annual Meeting, Gardner, founder of SalesProcess360, talked about this more proactive, forward-looking approach. The load input goal is not the sales pipeline, Gardner said. Instead, a load…


2016 NetPlus Annual Meeting

NetPlus Alliance Annual Meeting Promotes Engagement, Proactive Growth This year’s Annual Meeting theme, “Plan & Grow,” set the tone for a successful event centered on proactive growth in today’s increasingly competitive markets. More than 390 came together Oct. 2-4 for the third-annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Over two days, more than 1,500 booth session…

Brian Gardner

Gain a Competitive Edge

Preview: Gain a Competitive Edge with Your Sales Process Brian Gardner says he is used to hearing distributors list people, products and customer service as their differentiators. “If I asked your competitors the same question, how would they respond?” Gardner asks. “Most likely they’d all answer the same way. Which means your competitive edge is…

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