When Tony Smiles: Saying Goodbye to NetPlus LA-CO Contact

Tony Blaskoski, our primary contact at LA-CO for NetPlus Alliance, was one of those people that could instantly turn your mood around with his bright, welcoming smile. After reading his memorial, I only wish that I could have spent more time with him. He led an amazing life, and could brighten your day on the show floor or the golf course – the venue didn’t matter. He was always happy to be doing exactly what he was doing at that moment.

Tony was the Director of Sales for North America for LA-CO/Markal. He died unexpectedly on Sunday, July 6 and he will be greatly missed. I had just talked to him last week, and although I feel lucky to have had the chance to talk to him, it makes it especially difficult to recognize that he is gone. If I had known that it would be our last chat, I would have made sure to tell him how much that smile meant to me.

Thank you Tony, you have reminded me to cherish life and love, and of course, to always smile.