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KSPT is proud to have pioneered some of the world’s most advanced cutting tool technologies resulting from rigorous product, coating, and material testing within its Global Innovation Center. It is this commitment to innovation that has launched patented products and technologies like the Z-Carb with its variable geometry and cutting edge preparation, Series 43 APR and APF ultra high-performance aluminum cutting tools, and JetStream coolant technology. SGS and Distribution Partners blanket the globe, delivering reliable service and support to all market segments. Striving to innovate application strategies and cutting tool technologies, continually exceeding expectations and providing the most VALUE AT THE SPINDLE® to the customer.

Products We Offer Through NetPlus

  • Carbide End Mills
  • Carbide Drills
  • Carbide Routers
  • Carbide Reamers
  • Carbide Micro Tools



Featured Products

Z-Carb Advanced Productivity End Mill

Series 77 H-Carb High Performance End Mill For High Efficiency Milling

Z-Carb High Performance Rougher End Mill

Series 131 Hi-PerCarb High Performance Drill For Non-Ferrous Drilling

Series 135 Hi-PerCarb High Performance Drill