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FyterTech Nonwovens is Your One-Stop Resource for Liquid Safety Solutions

Whether your business involves a factory floor, a lab, fleet operations or has environmental impact concerns, FyterTech has a liquid safety product solution for your operation. More
than just spill control, our team is focused on helping businesses:

  • Prevent slips, trips and falls
  • Meet OSHA and EPA regulations
  • Reduce risk
  • And yes, be prepared when that spill does happen

One Stop Offerings: 

  • Sorbent Pads & Rolls
  • Absorbent Socks, Pillows & Drum Top Covers
  • High Visibility Sorbents
  • Marine Sorbents
  • Industrial Rugs & Mats
  • Lab & Cleanroom Sorbents
  • Sanitizing Wipe Kits
  • Spill Kits
  • Neutralizers & Classifiers
  • Wipers & Rags
  • Secondary Spill Containment & Stormwater Compliance
  • Granular Absorbents

Featured Products

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Liquid Safety Solutions for Facilities Management

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