PFERD Abrasives: History and Innovation

NetPlus Alliance PFERD AbrasivesPFERD Abrasives started in 1799 when John Caspar Rüggeberg produced his first files and rasps, used to smooth and shape horse hooves. Generations later, August Rüggeberg gave the company his name while producing products under the PFERD brand name, which means “horse” in German.

Fast forward to 1979 PFERD INC., the U.S. subsidiary, opened its doors as a sales and marketing office in Leominster, MA, with an initial portfolio of files, rasps, and abrasives.

Since then, PFERD has grown its footprint in North America to become a major player in the industry. Part of that growth was fueled by the acquisition of Advance Milwaukee Brush in 1997. A notable producer of wire brushes, Advance Milwaukee Brush owned and operated a manufacturing and distribution center in Menomonee Falls, WI. After a short move to the north side of Milwaukee in 2011, the Leominster and Milwaukee facility were later consolidated in 2015. PFERD INC.’s U.S. headquarters are now under one roof in a 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Milwaukee, where brushes are manufactured and distributed around the globe. The headquarters also serves as the North American distribution center of PFERD’s complete range of products.

PFERD values strong partnerships, and our long-standing relationship with NetPlus Alliance and its members is proof of that. Building on their existing relationship, PFERD President, Gene Huegin and NetPlus Alliance founder, Dan Judge, made a joint commitment between our organizations back in December of 2002. Both gentlemen understood and valued the vision of a mutually beneficial relationship that still stands strong today.  PFERD is proud to be one of the first suppliers to join NetPlus over 15 years ago. Continuing to grow and strengthen our relationship with NetPlus Alliance remains a focus for PFERD as demonstrated by our participation in marketing programs, having representation on the advisory board, and strong sales support in the field.   As stated by PFERD’s VP of Sales, Jon-Michael Raymond, “Deepening our relationship with NetPlus was an easy decision for PFERD to make. Their mission and values are perfectly aligned with PFERD’s, and their vision for the future is inspiring”. 

Just as NetPlus is always looking to the horizon for new opportunities, PFERD has always been at the forefront of innovation and design.

We are continually looking to solve common end-user application problems by bringing products to market that are differentiated and industry-leading in the areas of product design and innovation. As a member of NetPlus, distributors have access to these market leading products, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace and demonstrating real value to their customers.

NetPlus Alliance PFERD Abrasives

Highlights & Product Differentiators in the PFERD Portfolio

Most folks are familiar with PFERD’s key innovations such as POLIFAN®-CURVE – the first and only true radial flap disc on the market, our CC-GRIND® SOLID grinding disc with its innovative integration of a fiber glass backer and high performance coated abrasive generating unparalleled stock removal, or our COMBITWIST® brush with its alternating knot twists for extreme aggressiveness and superior rotational balance.  But PFERD offers so much more with a portfolio of over 6,000 metalworking solutions. Here is a sampling of other key products that you might not be as familiar with:

Files – a range of machinist’s files, CORINOX®, designed specifically for use on stainless steels and exotic material that have a specially coated surface that doesn’t leave a corrosive residue and resists loading.

Carbide burs – our High Performance burs available for material specific applications such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum and cast iron with innovative tooth geometries that outperform any bur on the market.

Mounted points – A diverse range of bond compositions and abrasive grains make PFERD mounted points the ideal choice for a variety of applications from edge work and chamfering to heavy removal.

Fine grinding and finishing – a wide offering of coated and non-woven abrasives including belts, flap wheels, and abrasive caps and cones in a variety of dimensions and grit sizes.

Power tools – not to be forgotten is our high quality range of pneumatic, electric, and flexible shaft tools that when used in conjunction with our consumables really demonstrate the superior performance PFERD’s products deliver.

Reach out to your local PFERD sales representative to learn more about our complete offering!