Industrial Supplier Oil-Dri Corporation of America Introduces Snow & Go

There is a need for an effective winter product that provides instant traction while melting ice to improve walking and driving conditions. Industrial supplier Oil-Dri® , a longtime leader in absorbents and anti-slip products, is proud to introduce SNOW & GO, an exciting new product designed to deal with the icy effects of winter storms. Snow & Go is a unique traction aid product that melts ice AND absorbs the standing water before it can re-freeze. The dual-action formula utilizes the ice melting capabilities of salt and the absorbent properties of thermally processed Oil-Dri traction granules. Simply spread Snow & Go on any icy walkway or driveway. As the natural salt breaks down the ice, the traction granules darken in color as they absorb and embed into any remaining ice to provide instant, long lasting traction for safer walking and driving conditions. Additionally, when temperatures drop and re-freeze occurs, surfaces that have been treated with Snow & Go will offer solid built in traction that would have otherwise been a slippery hazard.  Help prevent dangerous slip & fall accidents by turning a slippery surface into a safer walkway with this highly effective traction aid product.

The all-natural formula contains no added chemicals or dyes and uses only 1/3 salt by volume, thereby reducing the negative impacts of salt on concrete, lawn, plants and pets.  The long lasting traction granules absorb their weight in water and will not break down and turn into mud. This means more TRACTION and less TRACKING.

Use SNOW & GO on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, storefronts and anywhere traction on ice is needed. “Don’t get stuck without it.”  SNOW & GO is available in 50 lb. bags, 25 lb. bags and 10 lb. jugs. Learn more at or call 1-800-645-3747.