NetPlus Visits New Buying Group Member: Supply Depot

This past week, we had the opportunity to visit new NetPlus Alliance buying group member Supply Depot in Arlington, Texas. Todd Washburn, Dan Judge and I were there for our first regional planning sessions in Texas, and were invited for a tour by owner, Mike O’Neal and Vice President of Operations, Steve Lamar. Supply Depot has two locations in North Texas that serve the construction supplies market, and currently support many NetPlus Alliance supplier brands. Their walk-in show room was bright and organized with a great product selection, and their friendly staff couldn’t have been nicer.

An enthusiastic new member to the group, both Mike and Steve are excited to be an engaged and active NetPlus Member and jumped right in to our first regional planning meeting held recently in Arlington, Texas. On behalf of everyone in the NetPlus family, I’d like to welcome Supply Depot to the group!