NetPlus Member Ohio Power Tool Receives 2019 MDM Digital Innovator Award

Modern Distribution Management (MDM) recently selected NetPlus Alliance member Ohio Power Tool as one of 10 recipients for its 2019 Digital Innovator Award. The award recognized distributors that demonstrate a commitment to digital and technological advancement. Since 2000, Ohio Power Tool has invested in and embraced e-commerce and online strategies, resulting in year-over-year growth of 20 percent a year, which includes both web and local business.

Started by Jim and Suzanne Amstutz as a tool repair business in 1983, the distributor grew to include tool and equipment sales, as well as rental solutions. Their son, Jay Amstutz, took over the successful family business from his parents in 2008. With years of marketing and e-commerce experience, Jay built on the digital framework established by his mother Suzanne. Since then, Jay has revamped the company’s online presence, including their social media, blog and website.

More than half of their sales now come through the distributor’s website. Their strategy is driven by a desire to make the shopping experience effortless for the customer, whether online or in a store.

Ohio Power Tool has focused on three areas recently to improve the customer experience online:

Video Creation

Ohio Power Tool produces demonstration videos, live tours and Q&A sessions to offer customers additional resources and information on the products they’re researching. They also pay close attention to industry trends and the content other providers display on their websites. Videos will continue to be a major focus for the company.

Product Attributes

Ohio Power Tool wants to help their online customers find the products they need with the same level of ease as their local customers. They understand that there may be regional distinctions on how people across the country search for various items. That’s why they have been working to create attributes and labels for every product, enabling better searchability.

Product Reviews

Not only does the company offer their own product reviews to help customers make the best buying decisions, they are also gathering reviews from customers to publish on their website. Jay believes the addition of product reviews will be a valuable resource for their current and future customers. “It’s one thing to see all the specs and another thing to have other professionals give their feedback,” Jay says.

The company plans to continue to build on their momentum and add more specs, more owner’s manuals and other product information to their already-robust online presence. The goal is to remain competitive against larger retailers by continually improving, both online and in store.

Congratulations Ohio Power Tool! Read more about the distributor in the article Ohio Power Tool Optimizes Its E-commerce and Online Presence published by Modern Distribution Management. To learn more about the distributor, visit