NetPlus Alliance Launches New Community Portal for Members

In order to better serve our distributor and supplier members, NetPlus has upgraded our login portal with enhanced features. Some new features that we have outlined below.

Some features of the community will be familiar from the former portal, but we hope you will find them more accessible and the look much cleaner. In addition, we have added some brand new features:

  • Target Lists – NetPlus suppliers are now able to generate targeted lists of distributor members based on product categories, business focus, and customer type.
  • Supplier Programs – Distributor members have the ability to browse supplier programs directly instead of going through the supplier page.
  • Info Center – Access content like never before with the ability to interact with links and documents that have been provided by your NetPlus suppliers, as well as important updates from NetPlus Alliance.
  • Appointment Scheduler – Coming Soon – Meeting attendees will receive a notice to log in and prioritize whom you want to meet with at our Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, March 16-18, 2014.

Detailed instructions on how to use the Community Portal can be found within the Info Center tab. Click the link below to access our new community. If you cannot access the link, you can log in at the top of our home page.  Your email address and your existing password will give you access.

NetPlus Alliance Community Portal