NetPlus Alliance Adds Croc Bloc & Maxxeon as Suppliers

NetPlus Alliance is pleased to welcome new product suppliers, Croc Bloc and Maxxeon Inc., to the group.

Through the Croc Bloc brand, Degil Safety Products offers its line of sunscreen and repellents for the protection of outdoor tradesmen.  Founded in 1989, Degil Safety Products has been a manufacturer and wholesaler of personal protective equipment for over 25 years.  Visit for more details.

Maxxeon Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets portable task lighting for professional automotive and industrial technicians.  Founded in 2003, the company’s products include a growing range of high performance, cordless LED lighting tools for use in repair and maintenance shops.  “Maxxeon is excited to join NetPlus Alliance and looks forward to working with members in developing business with its high-tech line of lighting tools,” said John Schira, Maxxeon’s Director of Business Development.  For more information, visit