I-Marketing Program Features Proto Industrial Tools

NetPlus Alliance is in the process of launching our “i-Marketing” program, with Proto Industrial Tools as our first offering.  i-Marketing is an online platform that allows our distributors to create agency quality advertising for their end-user customers.

One of the ads Proto is offering is titled “Made in America”.  The opening line says, “Loyalty to American Made, Makes Sense”.  The vast majority of Proto Tools are made in the USA.

This reminds me of a situation I had when I was running our distributorship, Ward, Beals & McCarthy. Until the 1980’s, Western New York was a major steel producing region and heavily unionized. One day I received a call from a very irate plant manager who said we were about to cause a strike because we shipped them Japanese tools. I told him we did not sell any foreign tools and only represented major American tool companies. He said he would wait on the phone while I checked the box of the item he had in his hand.  Sure enough, the wrench was stamped “Made in Japan”.  We were able to find some in our inventory that were American made and avoided this crisis.

A month later, Paul Haber and I visited Stanley Proto shortly after Stanley bought Proto. We were impressed with their product and their people. While it was a major decision for us to change our mechanics hand tool supplier, it was the right one.  And, we never had any more calls from customers about offshore product.

It’s great to see many manufacturers moving their production back to the USA and featuring “Made in America”.  As the closing line in the Proto ad says, “Oh, and they put Americans to work.  Like you.”