NetPlus Alliance Group JPW Training, Day 3

I woke up on the third day with a belly full of barbecue and cheddar biscuits from Jim & Nick’s. Our group had gone there the night before for dinner and brought our appetites after a full day of training. The training center is conveniently located about 10 miles from JPW headquarters. The NetPlus Alliance group stayed at a nearby hotel, and we were shuttled back and forth each day to the training center.

Adrien started our meeting on our final day by having us partner up with our fellow company attendees. She asked us to think about 2 existing and 2 potential new accounts that we could call on and apply products and ideas that we had learned about at the training. Each group brainstormed for about 10 minutes, and then everyone shared their thoughts on which products they wanted to approach with first. So not only did we learn, have fun, and get hands-on training, but we also walked away with new sales opportunities for our companies. I’m hoping that this last sentence makes you think twice before you tell yourself, “I don’t have time to train” or “I can’t give up my sales people for that long.” I can guarantee that not one person in our class felt that way. In fact, it was completely the opposite: all of the attendees were energized, ready to get back to work, and excited to get out there and talk with their customers.

Mike then gave us a hands-on overview of the JET milling machines, explaining each component and describing their purpose. Mike is one of those patient, soft-spoken, southern gentlemen, who took his time explaining every detail. We then did a review, each taking labels with magnets on the back and identifying each part of the machine. After we passed our test, we got back to work on our project, using a vertical and a CNC mill, as well as a mill drill.

Check out my finished product, complete with my initials and complimentary JET pen that I received during the training. If you are a NetPlus Alliance member,
to find out more about the next JET/Wilton training on October 13th-16th in Nashville, TN. All you need to pay for is your transportation, and your hotel and meals are compliments of JPW. We plan to offer more hands-on training with NetPlus Alliance suppliers in the future, as this is the best way to drive engagement and new business between our distributors and their end-user customers as we