NetPlus Alliance Group JPW Training, Day 2

You might think that after a night singing karaoke at the Honky-Tonk in Nashville, that our group might not be ready for day two of our JPW training. Not us! Today we got to put on our safety goggles and get our hands on several of JET’s awesome metalworking machines.

Our trainers for the day, Peggy, Scott and Mike gave us a thorough product overview of the categories and subcategories of the JET metalworking machines. There are machines for sawing, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, finishing and forming, and each sub-category has anywhere from 5-18 machines! If you have customers that do metalworking, JET has a product that can get the job done.

Scott would test us at the end of each category and give us a ‘customer request’ based on specs and needs and we had to narrow down up to 30 machines to get the right answer. It was tough, but we worked together and lucky for me, I was sitting next to two experienced NetPlus distributors who were willing to help me ‘ID the Need!’ We also were able to watch some of the cool videos that JPW has made for their products. My favorites are the ones featuring Bryan Fuller, who did an entire series on the JET metalworking line.

We learned about asking the right questions and had laminated question cards that we can take with us to use when making a call. Scott also walked us through potential sale opportunities for related products such as coolant, saw blades and abrasives. All of these can be bundled with the sale of a metalworking machine to help better service the customer (and improve profits)! I learned about ferrous and non-ferrous metals (one is soft, one is hard) and that you use different blades and speeds to cut metal the right way. I learned what a mitering head is, and how and why you use it, and the difference between metal forming and metalworking.

The best parts of the day were the hands-on training. We are making a pen/business cardholder out of a block of a metal and during the process today, we used a horizontal bandsaw, a drill press and a grinding/finishing machine. We also got to use the lathe, as well as the gauge box with pan brake and foot clamp. Yes, as of today, I know all these things and am grateful to the folks at JPW for setting me straight (or turned, or formed for that matter).