NetPlus Alliance Group JPW Training, Day 1

Wow, what a great first day. We’ve actually been down here at JPW since Monday afternoon, but our first full day of training couldn’t have been better. Now bear with me, since I just got back from the honky-tonk with 12 NetPlus Alliance group distributors.

Our morning started with an introduction from Adrien Guminiak, the rock star that started the training programs at JPW from the ground up. I met her two years ago when I came down for a sales meeting at what was then Walter Meier, and knew from the second that I met her that she was taking the bull by the horns on this one. The training center is perfect. It has a comfortable classroom with a large screen for presentations, and loaded with product for lots of hands-on instruction. We have 12 NetPlus Alliance distributor members from eight companies taking part this week.

The JET and Wilton brands are close to my heart; I’ve worked with the great folks at this company since my very first days in the industry. It’s exciting to see how this company has taken off, with the success of super-cool brands like the B.A.S.H., the All Terrain Vise, and the Elite line of metal working machines which will be launched at Fab-Tech in a couple of weeks. JPW is investing in the company, the products and most importantly the independent distributor.

We kicked off the training with an activity where we were tasked with coming up with a team name and a presentation of why we would be the best training team for JPW. Team names included: JPW: Just Plain Winners, Yo Adrien, Training BASH, and my team, Solution Evolution. Between the four members of my team, we have 87 years of experience in the industry, and this was our JPW Training Rhyme:

“Metalworking, vises, hoists and more JPW has what’s in our stores. We don’t like to go to work, we like to have fun. JPW offers the technical experience, quality and product to get the job done. They are customer focused and service focused, just like us. We ‘ID the Need’ and offer a solution with speed. We use our experience to sell the solution: we use it, we recommend it, we sell it!” 

 OK, we only had about five minutes to come up with this, so we thought it was pretty great! More importantly, it gave us the chance to get to know each other and how we use and sell the JPW line of products!

The morning and afternoon went by quickly as the JPW training team, Sandy and Jana, took us through features, applications, target markets and selling strategies for both the JET and Wilton product lines. Before we left, we took a tour of the JPW headquarters and their 300,000 square foot warehouse and fulfillment center. I think this was a highlight for many people in the group – it is quite a place!

We rounded out the day with a trip to the Honky-Tonk in downtown Nashville, and had a great time listening to some great country music and our very own JPW primary contact for NetPlus, Terri Eshleman, singing karaoke.

Tomorrow it’s on to metal working, where we will get to work on our own project – I can’t wait!