It’s Spring: Hire a Marketing Intern!

Many of you have had the opportunity to get to know Zach Brado, our Marketing Manager at NetPlus Alliance. What you might not know is that Zach came to us, forand to an industry that he knew nothing about, through the internship program at the University at Buffalo. He sheepishly admitted to me after he started, that he hesitated to work for us because our website was so outdated! I reluctantly admitted to him that I was so hesitant to post an internship; all I could think about was that I would have to babysit this intern, and spend all of my time getting this person up to speed. How would I manage that on top of my own work? Well, the joke’s on me – kids today “get up to speed” pretty damn quick. They can handle almost anything that you throw at them, and any kind of system, computer, media work – forgetaboutit. It’s done before you are back at your desk.

Lucky for us, Zach never left and loves our industry. He stayed on after his internship to work part-time and when he graduated from business school last June, accepted a job with NetPlus Alliance full time. Now we are ten weeks into our second internship with Soyeong Oh, an international student from Suwon, South Korea, studying at the University at Buffalo. Soyeong (pronounced Soy-young) first came to the United States when she was 15 to live with a host family and go to school in Michigan. After attending English Camp during the summer, she decided to come back and live with a host family in Austin, Texas, where she stayed until she graduated from high school. Soyeong chose the University at Buffalo because she wanted to go “somewhere there was snow,” and hopes to find a full time job here after graduation. Soyeong has done a great job for us updating the NetPlus website, doing print media work and helping Zach with our digital communications.

If you don’t have time for marketing and don’t know how to get started in social media, there is an intern out there looking for real world experience that can help you. We need more young people in our industry, so contact your local state, private or community college for information on their internship programs today. Send me an email and let me know how it goes!