NetPlus Alliance: Reflections on Independence Day

All of the patriotism that surrounds the spring and summer holidays of Memorial Day and July 4th reminds me and the team here at NetPlus Alliance of what a great sacrifice so many Americans make to protect our liberty.

I was fortunate to have served in Vietnam in the mid-60’s as an Army Signal Corps Lieutenant. For me it was a great leadership experience as I was surrounded by outstanding senior officers and a bright and energetic group of non-commissioned officers. Our job was to provide communications between two levels of command during that war. It’s hard to believe how primitive our “gear” was to provide 12 channels of voice communications for two generals and their staffs. My iPhone has more power than all the equipment we had, combined.

These holidays remind us to thank all of the men and women that are currently serving in our armed forces both here and abroad. I’m sure many of our supplier and distributor partners have family members or friends serving in a very dangerous situation overseas. Our prayers are always with them.

And the tragedy in Arizona reminds us all of the dangerous situations that our fire and police men and women face every day. They too protect our liberty in many ways.

So when you see any of these brave people that protect our liberty be sure to thank them for their service.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!