Southwire Guest Blog: How to Interact with Industrial Influencers

Marketing is very different today thanks to social media and industrial influencer product recommendations. People are no longer willing to try out a product and hope it works for them, simply because they don’t have to. They are able to do product research online to see what experiences other people have had with the products they are considering. One major way people are getting information on the products they are interested in is by following and interacting with Influencers via social media. Whether it be YouTube “Vloggers”, Instagram Influencers, or professional reviewers, these people have opinions that are trusted thanks to the reputation they have built.

As influencer marketing continues to rise in popularity, it is becoming increasingly pertinent to include influencers in your marketing strategy. When working with influencers, the main issue brands have is not understanding how to successfully communicate with those individuals. Many influencers in our industry are construction workers, electricians, and people with “real” day jobs. Being an influencer is simply a hobby or something they do on the side. The reason we trust influencers is that they work in the industry as professionals and are very in tune with that their industry will be looking for in a product.

Interacting with influencers can be difficult for people who are sitting in an office all day because influencers likely aren’t. They are posting a quick video to Instagram in between their projects, and are trying to fit in the calls with brands on their lunch break. Because of this, the most important thing to remember when working with an influencer is flexibility. Sending an email and hoping they’ll get right back with you isn’t the best approach. They likely won’t get back with you via email communication due to the fact that many other brands are probably trying to reach out the same way. If you want an influencer to respond and interact with you, it’s best to avoid this inorganic method of communication.

How to Interact with Influencers

Many influencers prefer to communicate directly through their social media platform of choice, through text, or on the phone. Learning how to effectively communicate with an influencer can set you apart and allow you to build a strong relationship with the influencer, leading to easier communication and collaboration in the future.

by Breanna Fox, Southwire Tools and Equipment