How do I join NetPlus?

Distributors can fill out our application request form. A follow-up email or call will come from Paul Byrnes, our VP of Distributor Development after your registration has been reviewed. Questions can be directed through our inquiry form or by calling (716) 438-2014.

Suppliers interested in a program with NetPlus can also direct questions to our inquiry form.

How much will it cost me to join?

Distributors pay a one-time fee of $2,500 to join – there are no annual dues. NetPlus keeps its overhead low so that a small share of the rebate program covers all expenses.

Who are your suppliers?

Click here to request a full list of NetPlus Alliance suppliers.

Am I required to change the suppliers that I purchase from?

We do not require you to change your suppliers, however, you will receive additional advantages by purchasing from NetPlus Alliance suppliers. We do encourage support of our suppliers, and members maximize their rebate earnings by adding new lines and converting to NetPlus suppliers.

How do I make purchases with NetPlus Alliance suppliers?

NetPlus does not participate in buying group invoicing. This means that you still conduct business with your suppliers as you always have. If you already have an account with a NetPlus supplier, you will need to contact them to let them know that you have joined the group. We will also send a notice to all suppliers on your behalf.

Contact information, including phone, email and web information will be provided for all of our suppliers on the login side of our website. Follow the procedures outlined in the program for each supplier to set up a new account. As an open buying group, NetPlus respects select distribution, as well as the business decisions of both our suppliers and our distributors.

Will I know the negotiated NetPlus supplier program details?

All non-confidential details of the NetPlus supplier programs will be available to members on the login side of the website. The NetPlus supplier program pages include all necessary contact information, including the NetPlus liaison, account set-up and customer service information, discount levels, standard payment terms and freight allowance.

Members can evaluate the negotiated rebate programs based on our Supplier Rebate Index. Supplier confidentiality protects the benefits for our members, enables the supplier to offer exclusive pricing to our members, and eliminates the risk of this information going to their competitors.

How do I benefit from the NetPlus Rebate?

NetPlus supplier rebates go right to your company’s bottom-line net profit. Suppliers offer additional growth incentives based on group performance that is shared among the participating distributor members.

How and when do I receive the rebate check?

NetPlus suppliers report purchases to NetPlus, and members confirm their purchases through our secure site.

The rebate check is paid annually after all supplier purchase reports have been collected and reconciled with the distributor.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Contact the NetPlus office at (716) 438-2014, or fill out the inquiry form here.