Grip Helps You Work Better

grip helpsLast weekend, I was helping someone move houses when I had firsthand experience learning the importance of grip. It’s even more vital to have good grip when handling sharp objects. However, today I really want to zero in on grip as it relates to hand fatigue so pardon me as I attempt a different “handle” on this.

To hold, lift or move heavy objects our arms and hands work by applying lateral and vertical pressure on the object. We fight gravity by maximizing the holding force. Here, friction works with us. If the box surface is rough, we don’t have to apply quite as much lateral pressure. With every step, gravity weighs down on the box and the carrier must apply more and more force to prevent the box from slipping. Bare hands, especially on a cardboard, offer limited grip and thus more lateral arm force is needed to fight gravity. As I learned last weekend, 75 steps, even carrying a 40 lbs box is asking for trouble and if you manage to hold on, your arms get tired.  Do that 10 times and you’ll suffer fatigue. Fatigue in the workplace when handling heavy equipment is a dangerous combination. We lose coordination and focus when we are tired.

So back to my weekend. After struggling with my first two boxes, I ran into my car and donned a pair of our latest G-Tek® NeoFoam® coated gloves. What a difference! A lot less exertion and the best part was when I gave my gloves to a delivery guy struggling to carry a 70 lbs.

You can see why grip is important and to be wearing coated gloves helps strengthen grip and reduce fatigue. Why work harder, when we can work smarter.

Ask for a sample of G-Tek® NeoFoam® 34-605 at or call 1-800-262-5755.