Regional Meetings

Create Industrial Relationships with NetPlus Preferred Suppliers on the Local Level

industrial relationships

In addition to its annual meeting, NetPlus holds regional meetings, which provide members with the opportunity to create industrial relationships, and meet face-to-face with suppliers’ local reps and regional managers, as well as network with other nearby NetPlus distributors.

Our regional meetings are all about business. Use them to interview potential suppliers, and plan, work through challenges and uncover sales opportunities with existing ones. Bring along your team to deepen relationships and broaden the conversation.

By meeting with 10 – 12 suppliers, you will accomplish business in one day that would otherwise take weeks or even months. The meetings provide the perfect opportunity to begin a Growth Plus sales plan with the supplier of your choice.

Many distributors also discover new opportunities during our regional meetings. NetPlus regional meetings provide a literal seat at the table with manufacturers you may not be doing business with right now.

Regional meetings also provide an opportunity to provide feedback and learn more about NetPlus programs.

Regional meetings are just one of your many member benefits; as a distributor member there is no fee to attend. Attending members score extra points as part of the Points Plus program toward earning a greater rebate.

For more information, please contact us or call the NetPlus office at (716) 438-2014.


 industrial relationships