Bosch Dust Extraction Primer for jobsite dust extraction

NetPlus Alliance: Bosch Dust Extraction Primer for jobsite dust extractionThere’s much to learn about proper jobsite dust extraction

Bosch knows there’s a lot of information about silica dust compliance and dust extractor performance out in the marketplace. It’s a lot to digest about a safety initiative that can affect the health and safety of an entire workforce. So the goal is to make finding the right information and details about dust collection solutions easy. It all starts with the dust extractor.

You Need the Power

Bosch dust extractors provide the best user experience with a combination of high CFM (150), highest auto filter cleaning cycle (every 15 seconds) and enough suction power to lift water more than 8 ft. This means Bosch extractors have the highest sustainable CFM among competitive brands.

When looking beyond the specs, Bosch dust extractors also provide added-value capabilities that every jobsite working in concrete requires:

  • Efficient Amperage: Lower amps doesn’t mean lower performance. Bosch dust extractors use lower amperage that’s balanced to allow high amperage tools to be used with on-board automatic power tool activation for better control.
  • Sustained CFM in Static Water lift: As filters deteriorate, a vacuum with a higher static water lift will be able to maintain high CFM for a longer period. And that means more productivity on the jobsite
  • Automatic Filter Cleaning: More frequent cleaning (every 15 seconds; 2X more than the closest competitor) extends filter life and increases the consistency of maximum air flow. This feature is particularly important for collecting fine dust, including concrete and drywall dust.
  • Actual Container Volume: Bosch dust extractors use an optimized single filter versus dual-cone filters that extend into the canister and reduce capacity.
  • Weight: Compared to competitive products, Bosch dust extractors weigh less empty and are lighter even when filled with concrete dust. This gives Bosch dust extractors greater maneuverability by helping users manage weight issues under jobsite conditions.

Get the Facts

Bosch offers an in-depth dust extraction guide that highlights the key points of the OSHA Silica Table 1 and shows Bosch’s comprehensive line of dust extraction tools, attachments and extractors. Visit to learn more.