Accuform Duck Armor: Scientifically Strong – Proven Results!

Accuform Duck Armor NetPlus Alliance Nothing’s  more frustrating than purchasing safety products that fail to hold up to the harsh elements. We get that, that’s why we’ve invested in time and resources to create the scientifically strong, Accuform Duck Armor Liquid Laminate.

Duck Armor was originally pioneered by Accuform more than a decade ago because you have more important things to do than worry about the integrity of your safety products. A sign that fades or cracks could result in a costly injury of one of your workers – and you can’t have that! You need to trust that your favorite safety identification products will keep your workers safe so they can go home to their loved ones.

You need a quality product with superior protection.

Superior protection runs deeper than a liquid laminate top coat. Yes, it protects over 90,000 identification product SKUs against fading and yellowing, tagging, chemical damage, abrasions, and cracking – but a quality product requires so much more. For example, a sign that provides longevity requires quality base materials and engineered ink-sets specifically created for the materials they’re printed on.

With a combination of high-quality materials, UV-engineered ink sets, and Duck Armor Liquid Laminate – you’ll find products that offer longevity.

But not all products need the added protection of liquid laminate. When Duck Armor™ is needed, Duck Armor is there.

How does it work? When applied to the surface, it bonds and dries instantly to defend your messages from the toughest environments. Printed surface is fully encapsulated, suitable for both interior and exterior sign applications. The integrity of the print color is improved because of the UV inhibitors, which increase the durability of the products.

But don’t take our word for it. See results for yourself. Request a FREE Duck Armor™ material sample and stickers today!