Todd Washburn

Todd Washburn

VP of Supplier Development

From his office in Omaha, Todd Washburn is the primary liaison for NetPlus Alliance suppliers, helping them connect with the right distributors and facilitating their training and marketing efforts. He also recruits new suppliers that complement the diverse product categories that NetPlus already offers. His goal is to find a balance that will help suppliers and distributors of all sizes grow and gain market share together.

Todd enjoys learning about our members’ businesses and collaborating with distributors and suppliers he’s met over his more than two decades in the industry.

When he’s not busy at the office, Todd is an avid mountain biker and loves to fish and golf. Todd and his wife have two children and spend as much time as they can together.

Favorite NetPlus Core Value:

“Value relationships. Even though the business has changed with less face-to-face meetings, this is still a relationship business. Knowing the people behind the company makes a big difference. It helps to get things done. And ‘Be nimble.’ The industry is experiencing change with e-commerce and in how people buy, and with companies’ being downsized or merged. You’ve got to accept that and be able to be nimble and work through that.”