Paul Byrnes

Paul Byrnes

VP of Distributor Development

Paul Byrnes spends his time helping our distributor members leverage NetPlus Alliance’s supplier programs and working with them to grow more efficient and profitable. He also works with potential new members to help them understand the value that NetPlus can provide without interfering with how they want to do business. He enjoys helping distributors discover new opportunities for growth, whether through a complementary product line, a new supplier or a new tactic.

Paul joined NetPlus Alliance from ORS Nasco where he spent 10 years as Regional Sales Director. This role gave him a unique understanding of distribution from the supplier side and of how distributors conduct their businesses.

Paul is a graduate of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. He and his wife of over 30 years are proud parents of three grown children, two of whom are married.

Favorite NetPlus Core Value:

“Embrace change. It applies to both business and to life in general. I’m not really about change for the sake of change, but change for improvement. When we look at change, we can either resist it, we can accept it, or we can embrace it. If we resist change, it leaves you behind, always trying to catch up. If we simply accept change, it probably feels better than resisting it, but in the end we’re just reacting. If we embrace change, it’s better because it provides us the chance to benefit from the change. If we begin to shape change it can affect our lives in a positive manner.”