Karl Tschaepe

Karl Tschaepe

Director of Technology

Karl Tschaepe has been with NetPlus since its founding. Before that, he served as technology director for I.D. One, the first industrial distribution purchasing cooperative. Karl is responsible for ensuring that technology is working for the benefit of the organization and its members, ensuring that sales information is used to best serve NetPlus partners.

He is always refining NetPlus’s programs, including the member portal, to make sure that the data members have access to can be sliced and diced the way they need it to make better buying decisions.

Karl is married with four kids, and enjoys biking, cross-country skiing, and spending time with his two grandsons.

Favorite NetPlus Core Value:

“Be accountable for results. If you take responsibility, then people know who to go to get this specific thing done. You have to be willing to say: ‘Okay, that’s mine. That’s on me.’ Where if you’re not willing to do that, things get lost. This is very important to keep things moving forward.”