About NetPlus Alliance

A Buying Group Focused on Growing Together

It can be challenging for independent distributors to compete in a competitive and consolidating industrial distribution market. NetPlus Alliance is an industrial and contractor supplies buying group that negotiates improved pricing, rebates and terms with 175 product and service providers.

NetPlus provides purchasing power, access to manufacturers and a broad product offering. We provide access to suppliers serving both the industrial and construction markets. And with NetPlus, you maintain the independence that’s made you strong, with control over your financials and channel relationships.

We’re committed to working with you to drive sales through a simple structure and more than 100 years of combined industrial distribution experience.

We like what we do. We like working with our members. And we look forward to continued growth for generations.

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NetPlus Alliance: Industrial and Contractor Supplies Buying Group for Independent Distributors

NetPlus Alliance is Family

NetPlus is a family-run business – just like many of the distribution companies that form our group. We are celebrating five generations of family leadership in the industrial distribution industry. Our roots date back to 1885, when William Nolan founded the machine and steam-fitting shop that carried his name, which was also in Lockport, NY. Fast-forward to 1993, when Dan Judge, the business’s fourth generation, became president of I.D. One, the first cooperative buying group for industrial supplies.

In 2002, decades of industrial distribution and buying group management combined with generations of experience, and NetPlus Alliance was formed. The fifth generation of family leadership came in 2006 when Jennifer Judge Murphy joined as Marketing Director. She is now the President of NetPlus Alliance.

NetPlus Alliance Core Values

Our core values drive everything we do for our distributor and supplier members:

Value Relationships
Be Accountable for Results
Grow Together
Embrace Change
Be Nimble
Keep it Rolling
Be Honest and Genuine
Provide Guidance
Be the Best
Do the Right Things, Right