2015 Annual Buying Group Meeting

I have been in the distribution industry since 1969, and I have attended hundreds of conventions, conferences, advisory board meetings, local distributor group meetings, and buying group meetings. I never came home from any of those without an idea that could help my company be a better distributorship. It could be a new product line, a human resources issue, a profit margin thought, solutions to an inventory management or warehousing problem, or ways to help me be a better manager.

While some of these came from scheduled seminars, most of the best ideas came from informal, off-line conversation with the distributor and supplier executives. That’s where you really learn how to grow your profitability. I’m proud to say that I developed life-long friendships with many of the great people in our industry.

Come to our meeting in Las Vegas and begin to build your own network of industry friends. You have no idea where those relationships will take you.

If you have any questions, call us at (716) 438-2014. For more information visit the Annual Meeting page at www.netplusalliance.com/events/annual-meeting or click here to register now.


Dan Judge, Chairman
NetPlus Alliance